Freelance Copywriters

freelance copywriters

What can Freelance Copywriters do for Business Owners?

Freelance Copywriters are free agents in the world of writing in a sense “A Pen For Hire”. They work on individual projects with

web designers, Bloggers, magazines and business owners just to name a few. Freelance copywriters collaborate with their clients

to generate the best possible copy writing service. In a creative style that speaks directly to your targeted audience; while

converting readers into new paying customers.

Freelance Copywriters help bridge the gap between your business and your


freelance copywritersMany business owners fail to realize that freelance copywriters help bridge the gap

between their business and their customers. They make the common mistake of

writing their own content or assign the task to an employee within their company

with no copy writing experience. Freelance copywriters know that your content

needs to be uniquely enough to separate your business from your competitors’

but still focused on getting your your message across to the reader. Written

content can make or break a first impression, especially if you aren’t communicating with your audience elegantly. Here at

“A Pen For Hire” our team of freelance copywriters offer top-of-the-line copy-writing and editing services, tailored to fit your specific


Need to Hire Freelance Copywriters?

Here at A Pen For Hire we have a team of professional copywriters ready to get to work on your project. Have one of our freelancers

give you call by simple filling out our service request form by Clicking Here. Or give us a call @ 410-868-6139 to speak to one of

our freelance copywriters.


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